Cogeo provides tactical direction to athletes and sports organizations.



The success of an organization's ongoing comprehensive fundraising efforts relies heavily upon the quality of its preparation and communication. Cogeo creates a document called an annual case statement, which is a printed and digital document that clearly and concisely depicts an organization's purpose and needs for the fiscal year.




Relationship management requires constant communication from an organization to its audience far beyond a one-time activity or campaign. An organization must maintain relevant and meaningful communication habits through multiple channels that speaks effectively to all the organization's key audience members.




One of the most effective tools for an organization to use to reflect its mission and values is an annual signature fundraising event. If done properly, an annual event will achieve strengthening its relationship with key audience members and a significant and transparent fundraising goal.




Developing and sustaining an ongoing major gifts program is a necessary activity that complements other mass appeal communication and fundraising initiatives. The key characteristic of a successful major gifts program is the ability to successfully attract and retain relationships with high-net-worth individuals, institutional foundations and corporate partners.




The most effective way an organization can secure a permanent legacy is by developing a robust planned giving program. The marketing of planned gifts, and in particular bequests, will enable an organization to have yet another diverse revenue stream well into the future.