Cogeo Commentary on Industry Data & Trends - overall goal outline

Txt (Patrick):


What are the themes to address? EX:

  • Observations Cogeo:

    • Mature and new markets in NP industry

    • Realities of the market, dynamics that played and shifted into the comprehensive consultancy that is Cogeo.

  • Research: perceptions versus reality (numbers) - check option of MINI TEST?

  • Research: economic- cost/donations

  • View Cogeo: individual giving as starting point

  • View Cogeo: balance technology (data) with human connections

  • View Cogeo: generational challenges and opportunities: engagement of millennials and planned giving (boomers)

  • ...


Input Patrick

Questions Anita:

  • What stands out from all the data/trends?

    • Development

      • The misconception of individual giving % being so low, when it is by far the highest

      • The misconception that corporate giving % is so high (when it is the lowest category)

      • That online giving is so high (even though it is growing the fastest); most all gifts still occur offline

      • The average age of an individual donor is 64, which seems much higher than most people expect

      • Shere number of organizations (higher than expected) ~ 1.66mm

      • Most are surprised the % that meet the Cogeo threshold is so low

      • Events are seen as the most fruitful fundraising strategy, when in fact they tend to be time and resource intensive and has some of the least ROI

      • Real case studies displaying fundraising data from client experiences (SJBS, SFEA, YSCA)

    • Technology

      • Even though technology is automating a lot of donor communication, when it comes to major gifts, the process will always be a human connection.

  • What is it Cogeo wants to comment on - in relation to our strengths, services, best-sold products etc?

    • Development

      • Most should start with HNW giving, logically. It all sprouts out from there (corporate, foundation, etc..)

      • The entrepreneurial approach is best (nonlinear)

      • Cost to raise $1 of donation (see cogeo business plan for reference)

        • Capital campaign/major gifts - $0.10

        • Grantwriting - $0.20

        • Direct mail acquisition - $1.00 - $1.25

        • Direct mail renewal - $0.20

        • Planned giving - $0.25

        • Social event/benefit - $0.50

      • Combined national average - $0.20


[From: Neustar interview]:

  • Question: Was there a defining moment that lead to launch Cogeo?

  • Message:

    • 10:20 - 12:35   Industry numbers; online giving only represents 6,7% of all giving to nonprofits each yr. Growing at 22,5% p/yr. Mass majority of nonprofit giving still happens offline, through donor relationship on a more intimate basis. However, this is a market at the merging that is going to be very relevant as the next generation enters areas where they have capacity as well.

    • Realities of the market, dynamics that played and shifted into the comprehensive consultancy that is Cogeo.

    • Is about how to better serve the marketplace. Much more comprehensive to address all areas of development in order to maximize the flow of capital in all areas, not just online giving.


Woodshed Podcast:

14:00 - 17:25

Mature and new markets

Explanation Rob about the myth that each organization should behave differently and about how the ‘world of Development’ has changed. Mature markets (Universities, hospitals, independent schools) historically have applied best business practices. There are new markets to be made in sporting clubs, leagues, public schools, academies. Adapt proper methodologies and tactics related to fundraising and development opportunities.

22:50 - 25:10

Q: ‘Where do you see the puck slide to?’

Rob on his prediction in 2001 that by 2020 70% of NP orgs would be migrating online and offline communicating would be obsolete. Cost of stewardship and acquisition of donors was prohibitive in the past. With internet tools not anymore.

33:15 - 35:50

Pat and Rob on their industry vision for the next 5 - 10 yrs:

Data driven, massive acceleration of adoption of technology

How to engage millennials and next generation


Food for thought:

  • COGEO SWOT - Strength: Integration of Technology

    • NOTE: ties into industry trends:

      • SF report: increased demand for transparency of funds from benefactors (measures = data = technology); need to improve technology for program delivery/execution/tracking impact. Also p.32-34

      • Blackbaud report: online giving grew 12,1% in 2017 compared to ‘16. “Mobile friendly is lined to being donor friendly”

    • =WHY it is important to invest time/resources in tech - educational piece on data mgt for programs/donors, CRM, etc

    • Not just focus on online giving → comprehensive approach Cogeo, trajectory point, needs etc.

    • LEARN more - ‘Let’s-chat-tech’

    • link to Foundation outreach sample?



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COGEO currently exists to satisfy the high demand for quality development consulting services from nonprofit organizations and philanthropists. As important, is the role it plays as “definer” and “innovator” in the ever-expanding philanthropic sector. In the long-term, COGEO strives to be the largest catalyst of philanthropic capital flow available in the market through its comprehensive service offerings.