Sector Overarching Content

No nonprofit organization is alike, all are unique and have their own growth curve

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No two agencies alike, each on different trajectory as it relates to their capacity to raise funds.

In general, there are 3 types of nonprofit organizations, related to Development

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Types of Organizations

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House of Development intro

The House of Development (HOD) is a visual representation of the component parts of a comprehensive development (fundraising) operation. Every nonprofit organization is at a different place on its growth curve, and thus not all of the component parts of the house are appropriate to implement immediately. However, depending on the sector, access to resources, and agency needs, one or or more of the component parts should be implemented in order to meet the financial needs of the organization. One should look at the HOD from a bottom-up perspective: starting with the garden and first floor and progressing up to the roof.

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Sector-Specific Content

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About nonprofits:

  • Clientele is eclectic. Every organization is unique, makes it fun. Understand where they are at, want to go, catalyst to enable access to that vision.

  • Example: Youth soccer club in SF to create financial aid funds.

    • Possible use- Ed Portal - intro ‘Sector Sport’

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  • We don’t have the money but our club facilities (fields, lights) really need major improvement

  • We want to expand and build out a sport complex, how do we go about it?

  • How do we target and get sponsors?

NorCal Conference Presentation (Sept. 2018)

43:00 - 47:20

Capital Campaign:

  • Pink socks - example of how to enhance corporate sponsorships

  • We are growing and need to invest in new training & player development programs.

  • How can we benefit from local laws and programs, we don’t have the knowledge?

  • We need to invest more in coaching education and development.

  • How do we raise funds towards website development?

  • How do we launch, organize, and sustain a tournament?

  • How do we generate new, additional and incremental revenue streams?

  • How do we find the best location for our new field/complex?

  • Are putting on events & golf tournaments worth it?

  • Our agency is made up of all do we make fundraising work?

  • Our Board is focused on Operations, not raising money. How do we grow a Development Board?”

    • Answer: you may want to work with possibly 2 Boards, one Operational Board (internal focus) and one Outreach Board (external focus)


NorCal Conference Presentation (Sept. 2018)

    • 11:55 - 16:35

    • Development role Board

  • How do we leverage and build out our current donor base?

    • Answer: Triangulate- use the network of one donor to get to more


NorCal Conference Presentation (Sept. 2018)

  • 20:10 - 25:55

  • Major Gifts Campaign:

  • Determine $$ level; qualified prospect base (data), importance of a Leadership team

  • Triangulation examples STAR, Bloomberg (23:45-25:55)

  • How do you know what will be the most successful fundraising strategy to implement?

    • Answer: depends on which trajectory point the agency is


NorCal Conference Presentation (Sept. 2018)

      • 49:25 - 50:30

      • Example Stanford vs. SFEA

      • OK to start Major Gifts campaign right away if there is wealth

  • We are considering a raffle as a fundraiser for our club. What are ideal raffle items?

    • Answer: few examples- trips, restaurants, cars, motorcycles, wine


NorCal Conference Presentation (Sept. 2018)

  • 33:35 - 43:00

Raffle as Retail tactic:

  • Simple and successful, ‘easy’ money (eg 1500 players sell 10 tickets p/p @$10 = $150,000)

  • Consider:

    • Parent Raffle Committee, separate from capital campaign;

    • Combine a raffle for 2 clubs

    • Survey parents for ideal raffle items

    • Ideas successful raffle items: trips, restaurants, cars, motorcycles, wine (39:00 - 43:00)

  • Raffle = online now (no tickets)


industry data and trends

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Link to visual and (more) explanation

  • Intro commentary/video about how each organization is unique but generally fall into one of three types

  • House of development

    • explainer video that talks about all of the rooms; 1 min, animated

  • Sector-specific content

    • key questions and challenges agencies face

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    • sample tactics

      • words, graphics of case study snippets

    • sector data & trends

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