It’s our brand philosophy and it’s in our core values. Cogeo stands for excellence, connecting the dots, and a world together. We work to educate each other with empathy and compassion, so we intend to do the same for our nonprofit industry peers and professionals.


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  • Stands for excellence and connecting the dots (tagline) - Rob

  • Core concept is a world together, which is the ethos of our brand. It authentically represents us.- Patrick

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Other than in mature markets such as universities, hospitals, and independent schools, there is very little knowledge about best business practices.

This resource intends to provide the proper methodologies and tactics related to fundraising and development opportunities and provide real-world examples to best communicate these methods and tactics.

With that, Cogeo welcomes you to walk through the door of the Education Portal and find out what information within might transform your organization.

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  • Question: What’s next for Cogeo?

  • Message Patrick:

    • 26:26 - 27:50 Pushing boundaries even further into the mass education of the industry for peers about the industry. Still just little knowledge about the nonprofit industry....

    • Comes down to reframing in people’s mind what the industry is and allowing them to explore with creativity the possibilities well beyond their current understanding of the industry what we would consider charity.


  • Introduction that touches on the ‘why’ of Cogeo and why we are doing the education portal. Same content as about page

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