Introduction to the House of Development Webinar [DOWNLOAD]

For those nonprofits that want to evolve, grow, and make an impact in the communities and with the people they serve, development is essential. Unfortunately, the majority of nonprofits are stuck in a pattern of simple fundraising and struggle to bring their revenues and assets to a point necessary to thrive.

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But what is development? And why is it so crucial in the nonprofit world? Thankfully, Rob Kusel along with Joseph DiGiovanni from Tapp Network, Cogeo’s partner, present the House of Development webinar that will:

  • Introduce the concept of development

  • Analyze each of the tactical areas (building blocks) of development

  • Serve as a resource and a way to contextualize the relevant initiatives that a nonprofit needs to consider

This webinar will allow you to understand why professional development work is vital to the future of a nonprofit.