Message from the Founders

Our Background and Statement of Intention

The name Cogeo stands for a vision of our world, together. Cogeo aspires to become the world’s largest facilitator of donation capital. The company was initially established in 2010 by Patrick Sampson (President & CEO) and Alan Chin (Director of Culture). In 2012, Cogeo decided to join philanthropic forces with a fundraising veteran, Rob Kusel, now Managing Director of Consulting Services for Cogeo.   

Sampson was drawn to philanthropy after two years as a successful wealth manager and financial planner with his Uncle’s RIA firm, Sampson Investment Management. There he discovered the world’s financial systems for managing wealth unnecessarily conflicted with the optimal flow of philanthropic capital. This was mainly due to a lack of philanthropic financial education by the general public, as well as adverse motivational factors from capitalistic financial services providers. He also recognized the ever-increasing importance which philanthropy will play in future generation’s ability to provide a viable alternative to the diminishing flow of government and public capital to support our society’s most important services and programs that maintain the balance of a healthy economy. 

Furthermore, professional fundraising development education has not kept pace with the rapidly-growing demand from the nonprofit market for quality consulting talent; the still-nascent fundraising industry ensues.

Philanthropic Management (professionalizing of philanthropic funding for philanthropists) is even more substantially behind the demand curve than that of development services provided to nonprofit organizations.

Cogeo Is The Answer

Cogeo currently exists to satisfy the high demand from nonprofit organizations and philanthropists for quality consulting and execution services. As important, is the role it plays as “definer” and “innovator” in the ever-expanding philanthropic sector. In the long term, Cogeo strives to be the largest facilitator of donation capital globally through its comprehensive service offerings. Rob Kusel’s expertise in the development industry is a key component to successfully architecting this long-term vision. He has extensive and unique experience and is referred to as a pioneer in the industry. In fact, there are very few fundraising consultants working today who can match the depth of Kusel’s knowledge and success in the field. Over his 30+ year career in the fundraising market, he’s is responsible for raising upwards of $600 million. The list of programs he has influenced over the past 3 decades is extensive. Some of the program highlights from Kusel’s roster include The Hotchkiss School, Meals on Wheels San Francisco, St. Anthony’s Foundation, and Stanford University, just to name a few.

To say Kusel is driven is an understatement. He is determined to work closely with the executive team at Cogeo to exponentially replicate his extensive skill set with the opportunity to develop quality industry consultant professionals within the ever-growing company culture. By combining this ambition with additional comprehensive core service offerings (e.g. graphic design, grantwriting, data and research, software development, and corporate engagement) Cogeo promises to provide a truly unique service to an industry that will continue to play an increasingly vital role in the maintenance and promotion of a healthier, balanced economy and society overall. 

Cogeo has not accepted outside financial investment. The company is dedicated to this structure to ensure it maintains a client-value approach as its only operational and cultural prerogative. Financial success is a byproduct of a foremost priority of providing quality service to its clients.