The Leader In Action Sports Safety And Rehabilitation Gets An Exciting New Partner

Truckee, CA – Cogeo is excited to announce its new client partnership with the High Fives Foundation. The announcement marks an exciting new venture for the High Fives Foundation and the populations served by the organization. 

Roy Tuscany, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the High Fives Foundation, comments on the exciting opportunity the partnership with Cogeo brings: “Years of expertise to our ever-growing Foundation. We are trying to create some really big next steps for the organization and with the help of Cogeo we believe we have partnered with the best team to secure the funding necessary for our capital campaign. We are blessed at the opportunity to expand through this teamwork."

Patrick Sampson, CEO of Cogeo, sees the relationship with the High Fives Foundation as a promising new frontier for the nonprofit: “Roy and his team at The High Fives Foundation have done an incredible job creating a special culture and service offering for aspiring action sports athletes, as well as being a tremendous resource for those who have suffered life-altering injuries. In addition, their preventive educational programs are absolutely first rate. Cogeo is ecstatic to partner with the Foundation to help rapidly expand the Foundation's ability to provide value to all they serve and inspire even more high fives around the globe."

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