Cogeo Sports Announces Client Relationship With USA Wrestling


Colorado Springs, Colorado - Cogeo is excited to announce its partnership with USA Wrestling. The announcement marks a beneficial new venture for USA Wrestling and the global community it serves.

Steve Fraser, Chief of Donor and Alumni Relations for USA Wrestling, comments on the opportunity the partnership with Cogeo brings: "USA Wrestling is thrilled to be partnering with Cogeo Sports, as it will enable us to reach our full potential of relationship engagement with our deep membership throughout the United States, as well as internationally. We are committed to ongoing funding support and enhancing the following three initiatives:

1.      USA Wrestling’s National Team and our Olympic quest for excellence

2.      USA Wrestling’s youth development and helping to build our country’s future leaders

3.      USA Wrestling’s outreach in expanding the impact our sport can make

Cogeo will be instrumental with direction and helping us to accomplish our comprehensive development goals."

Patrick Sampson, CEO of Cogeo, sees the relationship with USA Wrestling as a golden opportunity for the nonprofit: “Steve and the rest of his team at USA Wrestling do a tremendous job engaging their global community on multiple levels. USA Wrestling’s decision to partner with Cogeo will expand its reach and ability to communicate and steward even more of their vast community within its programmatic initiatives, as well as expand its general support base through meaningful digital initiatives. Cogeo Sports is excited to partner with USA Wrestling to inspire even more lifelong success stories from those the organization serves."

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