Cogeo Initiates Work With The Alameda County Sheriffs Activity League

Alameda, California - Cogeo is proud to announce the beginning of its engagement with the Alameda County Sheriffs Activity League. The announcement sparks an exciting new venture for the organization to attract more resources in the pursuit of uniting the Sheriff’s Office personnel, citizens, and youth of Alameda County to reduce crime, better the lives of area residents, and enhance the community through action and collaboration.
Sara Sherman of the ACSAL had the following to say about the engagement: “The professionals at Cogeo are true experts in the human services sector. Their guidance on how to approach specific fundraising opportunities has been, and will continue to be, invaluable for the ACSAL. Most importantly, we now have the administrative structures in place upon which to build and execute our fundraising plan and long-term organizational vision to support Cogeo's direction.”
Nick Lusson, also of the ACSAL, shares his sentiment about the partnership: “Cogeo does a great job of taking the complex, and at times intimidating, process of fundraising and breaking it down into a series of achievable action steps for any organization. They have worked with our staff to build a system of fundraising tactics that focuses our efforts for better efficiency in a more systematic strategy. After just a short time with them we have a significant boost of energy and confidence to make our dreams a reality.”
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