Cogeo Initiates Client Partnership with the Compatible Lands Foundation

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Tulsa, Oklahoma - Cogeo is proud to announce its client partnership with the Compatible Lands Foundation. The announcement marks an important new era for the organization and its dedication to expanding its current sources of funding.

Robert Gregory, the Executive Director of the Compatible Lands Foundation, had the following to say about the Foundation’s work with Cogeo: “We couldn’t be more delighted with the opportunities that lie ahead with our partnership with Cogeo. We have full confidence that their expertise and guidance will play a major role in accomplishing the diversification and expansion of our funding support. We now have the confidence to move forward knowing that we will have the administrative structures in place upon which to build and execute our fundraising plan and long-term organizational vision.”

Patrick Sampson, the CEO of Cogeo, comments on the Foundation’s decision to partner with Cogeo: “The Compatible Lands Foundation has done incredible work over its history, impacting numerous geographical areas throughout the United States to ensure environmental sustainability and military readiness. Robert and the leadership of the Foundation’s bold decision to focus on addressing the long-term diversification of Compatible Lands’ revenue streams will further ensure the important work of the Foundation expands and continues to offer tremendous value to the various impact areas well into the future.”

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