Cogeo Secures Founding Director of Development Position for the YSC Academy

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Wayne, PA - Cogeo is excited to announce that it has secured the Founding Director of Development position for the YSC Academy located in Wayne, PA. The placement marks the School's first full-time Director of Development position and a significant transition point for the growth of the Academy. Nooha Ahmed-Lee, the YSC Academy’s Head of School, had the following to say about Cogeo's work in the hiring process:

"Cogeo's deep expertise gave us the confidence to progress forward with hiring the right individual at the right time for the Academy’s next logical stage of growth. Their Executive Search services allowed us to navigate this pivotal moment for the Academy with ease. Their organization, efficiency, and expertise guided us to select the best candidate for the Academy's unique culture and needs, both for now and well into our future endeavors."

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Accredited by the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools (PAIS), YSC Academy offers a college-preparatory program ideally suited for student-athletes motivated to realize their intellectual and athletic promise and to become confident, courageous, and responsible young men. Our students, spanning grades 8-12 and post-graduate, have been identified as among the most competitive soccer athletes of their age groups.


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