We add value to an athlete's overall brand by establishing and managing their charity.



Cogeo has the tools and expertise to translate any athlete's chartable intention into reality. Cogeo starts all of its relationships with athletes by asking three key questions:

1) What do you want to do?

2) Why do you want to do it?

3) How involved do you want to be?

How the athlete answers these three questions allows Cogeo to understand how to achieve an athlete's charitable intentions.




Cogeo works hand-in-hand with the athlete to select the most appropriate, customized service option (four of the more popular options are listed below), to manage the athlete's charity based on the intentions previously discovered and defined by the athlete.


Check writing:  Cogeo consults the athlete on an hourly basis to help optimize their giving decisions, both socially and financially (tax management). Consulting is typically done on a periodic schedule yearly. 


Giving by proxy:  Cogeo uses a donor-advised fund to allow athletes desiring more involvement and complexity with their charitable activities the option to do so without the full administrative burden and cost associated with starting either their own private foundation or public nonprofit.


Private Foundation:  For athletes wanting to have more control over their own legal entity and establish their own board and robust grant program(s), the private foundation option is best. Running a private foundation gives the athlete complete control over all aspects of the legal entity but is more time intensive and expensive than the prior two options.


Public Nonprofit:  For athletes that want to create the largest opportunity for positive impact on their brand, the public nonprofit option is the best choice. A public nonprofit has staff and runs programming and, as a byproduct of its operations, generates the most opportunity for positive impact and media exposure.