What we do
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Cogeo’s leadership team has over 40 years of experience working in the nonprofit world with all sorts of sectors. We’re full of advice and guidance on how to create a successful development strategy, navigate a campaign, find the right leadership team, host an event, have a prosperous meeting with a prospective donor, and so much more.

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Cogeo will get real close with the nonprofit’s leadership team. So close, we’ll become PART of the team. Cogeo will learn how the nonprofit operates, what the leadership is like, what tools are being used, and what management systems are in place. We’ll take the necessary steps to make things run in the most efficient and professional way.

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Cogeo understands that while a nonprofit may be ready to evolve, it may not have its own development team, so we’re here to support their efforts! From graphic designing, to writing and crafting messaging, to foundation research and so much more, the Cogeo team is available to help complete weekly tasks and allow the nonprofit to make continual progress.

How we do it

Unlike other consulting firms that flit in, offer advice, then disappear for a month, Cogeo believes that consistent communication is the key to a successful partnership. Cogeo is available at all times for our clients to ask questions, get guidance, or simply say hello. Not only does the Cogeo team make ourselves available, but we request a weekly, agenda-driven meeting with each nonprofit’s leadership team to discuss updates and create tasks. Cogeo is persistent and, through consistent communication and regular check-ins, will ensure that progress is being made.


Cogeo will first put the nonprofit through a meticulous preparation phase. Beginning with a thorough audit of the nonprofit’s existing data and management systems, the Cogeo team will analyze the information and implement any necessary organizational tools. From the writing, designing, and creation of a powerful case statement, to developing a scientific outreach approach, to solidifying a strong leadership team, Cogeo’s preparation phase is designed to provide the nonprofit with a sturdy foundation on which to launch a successful campaign.


Let’s make moves! Depending on the nonprofit’s goals, Cogeo will likely launch a development campaign, capital campaign, or both. Throughout the course of the campaign, Cogeo will advise on what steps to take and will support the nonprofit with any needed execution services. For instance, Cogeo will coach the nonprofit’s leadership team on how to approach and attain meetings with high-net-worth individuals, corporations, and foundations, provide guidance and checklists on how to host an event, offer examples and ideas for creative stewardship techniques, and so much more.  Read about the importance of development »

After 40 years, we’ve seen it all. There are very few things that surprise the Cogeo team when it comes to development and fundraising work. No matter the goal, no matter the obstacles, Cogeo is here to push each nonprofit towards a successful, sustainable future.

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