About us

Cogeo's management team has 40+ years of development and organizational management experience raising over $600 million for more than 100 nonprofit organizations.
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Our Mission
Cogeo provides organizational advice and development services to nonprofits to optimize their efficiency and long-term sustainability.
Our Specialties


Cogeo takes the guess work out of annual development.


Feasibility Studies

Designed to advise whether or not an organization should enter into a capital campaign.

Capital Campaigns 

A development campaign to achieve funding for an asset-building need of a nonprofit organization.

Executive Search 

The recruitment of highly-qualified individuals for specific employment needs of a nonprofit organization.


Patrick sampson


Portland, OR

Rob kusel

Managing Director of Consulting Services

Richmond, VA

alan chin

Director of Culture

Los Angeles, CA

Gabby Roe

Director of Business Development - Sports & Entertainment

Philadelphia, PA

The Team

Rachel alford

Campaign Consultant & Business Development

Portland, OR


Deejae Johnson

Campaign Consultant

San Francisco, CA


Kari Dasher

Campaign Consultant

Seattle, WA


Jason Werner

Project Manager

Portland, OR



Campaign Consultant

Hanover, PA


Sacha van der Most van Spijk

Business Development

Downey, CA

Ryan Cave

Data Systems Specialist

Portland, OR


Marcia Johnson Witter

Campaign Consultant

Philanthropic Support, Family Foundations, Non-Profit Partnerships

Seattle, WA


Sameer Popat

Campaign Consultant

Washington D.C.



Copywriter & Campaign Consultant

Norwalk, CT


Mark DiStasi

Campaign Consultant

Phoenix, AZ


Todd Harrington

Campaign Consultant

New York, NY


Ben Kessler

Business Development, Cogeo Sports & Entertainment

Philadelphia, PA


Anita van Burken

Campaign Consultant

New York, NY; Netherlands


Melissa Chambon

Director of Marketing & Communications, Campaign Consultant

Portland, OR


Andrea Castaneda

Campaign Consultant

St. Petersburg, FL


Our Values

Inclusion and Respect

We understand that diversity and inclusion not only make us a better company, but a better community. We aim to create a space where everyone feels welcome no matter who they are, where they come from, how they worship, or whom they love. To foster a space where people from every background feel welcome and respected; we work to educate each other with empathy and compassion.

We revel in the fact that we have a job that doesn’t feel like a job

We want to work in a place where people are passionate about what they do and their respective contributions are understood and appreciated. We give our team the freedom and autonomy to work when and how they please. We hire sharp people, give them meaningful work, and treat them with respect. We strive to create coworking environments that foster collaboration and are enjoyable, productive, and inclusive.

We focus on craftsmanship

We take a moment before interacting with clients and ask, “Is this the best we can do? Are we proud of this?” If the answer is no, we go back to the drawing board. We perform our work with integrity and accountability, even if it means having an uncomfortable conversation.

We do not allow jerks

No political climbers, bullies, or yellers; we operate in a climate of mutual respect. When somebody--no matter how talented they are--breaches the line of mutual respect, they need to go. This goes not only for our team but for our clients too.

We have been programmed by nature to listen

Every aspect of our business requires active listening. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason - we strive to use them accordingly.

We value people over profits

We’d rather break even than run a company that isn’t enjoyable to work at. Profits are important — they keep the lights on and give us long term security — but we will not compromise the quality of our work or make ourselves miserable in pursuit of financial gain.

We are honest, not perfect

We all make mistakes, have flaws and should be comfortable owning our failures. It’s okay to mess up once in awhile. It’s how we own our mistakes that matters. We accept that there will always be a gap between where we are and where we want to be. We think the gap makes us do better work, especially when we’re honest about it.